A tool for browsing related tags on Flickr, which by the way is quite possibly the best photo sharing site in the world.


This application pulls images from Flickr's public tag searches based on a starting tag you provide. While the majority of pictures returned by these tag searches is fabulous and without fault, it is unfortunately possible that such a search will return pictures of cute cats in endearing poses, especially if you happen to use related tags. Even worse things could show up.

If there is a kind of picture that offends you, I warn you that there is no guarantee that such a picture will not appear in the applet, and suggest you go elsewhere.

However, if you can take it, by all means proceed.

Quick guide

Enter a tag in the box on the lower left and hit return. Associatr will open one image for that tag, find three related tags (based on Flickr's related tag statistic) and open an image for each of these, too. It will then find three further related tags for each of those. The tags will be arranged geometrically and move around. There is no good reason for that.

You can adjust the number of levels this continues down and the number of tags per level (within reasonable limits) using the steppers at the bottom.

Hovering the mouse over an image will magnify it. Clicking an image brings up it's full view. Clicking on an image in full view opens it's page on Flickr. Clicking elsewhere closes the full view.

If you left click on one of the thumbnail images and, while holding the mouse button pull the pointer outside of it, and then release, this image will become the new center of the tag tree. If you do that on the center itself, the tree selfdestructs.

Entering a new tag in the box and hitting return resets the tree and reloads the structure.

You can also switch Associatr to use individual photo tags instead of the related tags statistic. It will then pull a random picture for a tag, pick from the other tags of that picture, and load random pictures for those, too.

If there are no related tags for a tag, that part of the tree stays empty.