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This book about cognitive dissonance is a good read, and an interesting account of both the theory of why our decisions and opinions can be so much at odds with reality sometimes and a number of examples from history and daily life, where the principle can be observed in action. Yet through much of it, […]

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

W.G. Sebald – Luftkrieg und Literatur (1)

When the Apocalypse caused by Germany came back to engulf it in its fire and destruction, there must have been immeasurable suffering and trauma, yet, as Sebald points out, almost none of it made it into the story of life as set down by the writers. Sebalds exploration of the reasons for this omission, are […]

Why are we so notoriously bad at predicting what will make us happy, and why are we so often mistaken when we remember how we felt in the past? Gilbert’s hypothesis is that the nature of the neural system that allows us to imagine is to blame/ This system, which allows us both the filling […]