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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006


Die Bar heisst Thalassa, das Bier, auf das ich warte, Death and Taxes, und das Stück ist die Bohemian Rhapsody. Die Musik ist deutlich zu laut eingestellt, vermutlich um den Absatz von Tod und Steuern anzukurbeln, und der Bass wummert in meiner Magengrube, während ich auf mein Bier warte. Hinter der Bar, im Zweimeterabstand, sind […]

I almost didn’t buy this when I saw it at the local Salvation Army store. Who needs another book on Yosemite, sporting pretty pictures of waterfalls and sunsets? But as it turns out, Brower not only knows many of the key players of Yosemite’s recent cultural and natural history firsthand, he also writes engagingly and […]

The beginning of this movie is excrutiating. We observe the inner workings of a dysfunctional family, partly through the perspective of the suicidal academic uncle, and the acting and writing is excellent enough to make the pain of what is going on palpable. There also are funny jokes, made more poignant by the underlying darkness, […]

While this book has plenty of interesting information on mainly fox and gray squirrels, it could have been written more with the lay reader in mind. That’s not to say that it is too hard or complex, for it is surprising how little complexities seem worth relating, but rather that it reads in places like […]

The comic series created by Jeff Smith started off as a quirky lighthearted adventure story and ventured into more complex territory, creating a comic hybrid of Tolkien and Lucas, including a creation myth, an evil archvillain and the restoration of balance to a force, here called the dreaming. While the background plotline may be derivative, […]

I readily confess that I am a sucker for real time simulation. I loved playing Warcraft and Starcraft, and I enjoyed this game, too, though it seemed to me that the gameplay in the campaigns is slightly unbalanced, with little freedom for strategy. In one mission in the evil campaign in particular, any straying from […]

The different stances of people from varying strata and cultural backgrounds take toward animal life in general, and those animals that have become closely associated in one way or another to human life, is fascinating on one hand, and fairly predictable on the other. City dwellers, who suffer property damage and the risk of diseases […]

Friday, August 11th, 2006

Graham Twigg – The Brown Rat (2)

This is one of the standards of rat lore and science, a concise overview of whats known about this pervasive rodent. Among the more surprising things I learned are the fact that the brown, or Norway rat, wasn’t present in most of the world until very late in the game, arriving in America in the […]

Friday, August 4th, 2006

O Solestrom Mio

Historischer Bikinivorgriff (300 n.Chr.) Beduinen und andere Wüstenwohner lächeln vermutlich milde in ihren Burnus, wenn sie westliche Touristen halbnackt durch das Ökosystem Trockenzone hoppeln sehen, denn sie wissen, dass man sich bei starker Sonneneinstrahlung am besten komplett mit Kleidungsstücken zuhängt und Ziegen erkennen geht (Heirat vorausgesetzt).Anfang Juli 1946 bekam die putzige Idee, greller Sonne durch […]

Friday, August 4th, 2006


Vor meinem Fenster und zwei Stockwerke unterhalb, auf der leeren Steinfläche, die unerfindlich Minor Beach zu nennen die Verwaltung der School of Optometry sich nicht entblödet, geht er auf und ab, ich kenne ihn flüchtig, Ethan mit dem Pferdeschwanz. Jeden Tag geht er dort auf und ab, in grosszügigen, langgeschwungenen Bögen, die vollen dreissig Meter […]